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All my movies have an autobiographical dimension, but that is indirectly, through the personages. In fact, I am behind everything that happens and that is said, but I am never talking about myself in first person singular.

-Pedro Almodovar

Remove all distractions. Be sure you won't be interrupted. 

Happy discovery


Your 120 page script is going to reflect how you see the world. This exercise works from the inside out to generate story ideas that demonstrate your point of view in a truthful feeling way.

Whether or not you have a deliberate mission as an artist or are passionate about showing the world in a certain way, your perspective will reflect in your work, no matter the genre, budget or director. 

PART 1: For each of these prompts, write down your personal philosophy. What you hold to be unquestionably true, even though some (or even most may not agree with you) . It doesn't have to be all encompassing (i.e. Love makes the world go round.) Try to be a bit more specific and perhaps a bit more controversial.. Listen to your heart beat. 

A) Romantic Love,

B) Ignorance/Hate,

B) God/The Universe 


A) Everyone deserves a partner who loves them the way they want to be loved, you shouldn't have to hide if you're "needy."

B) People who are willingly homophobic are better dead.

C) God is nature. 

PART 2: For each of your philosophies, think of a story that would demonstrate your philosophy. You can borrow from history, or a fairy tale, or come up with something totally original. 


A) Woman wants desperately to be in a committed relationship, but keeps getting dumped, being told she's too needy, so she takes a potion to make more detached and the consequences are disastrous. 

B) Shy Mark becomes a reluctant Gay vigilante when his house is burned down in a hate crime. 

C) Preacher's wife leaves her husband and is shunned after rediscovering herself on a hiking trip.


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