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“Whenever I’m writing a script,

I’m scoring myself by playing the right kind of music.”

-Edgar Wright

Remove all distractions. Be sure you won't be interrupted. 

Happy discovery



Music unlocks imagination and memory in a way nothing else can. 

You can approach this exercise in one of two ways:


1) If you have a vague idea of what you want to write about by way of theme, setting/time period, mood, make a 10 song playlist of songs related to your burgeoning idea. 

2) If you are starting with nothing or you want to arrive at something unexpected, use this Spotify Playlist on random or choose 10 songs you are unfamiliar with. 

Clear your brain and go for walk (Phone notifications off) while listening to your chosen Playlist. Bring paper and pen. While you're walking, visualise yourself as a character in the movie with the music as a soundtrack or remove yourself and visualise the scene . What's happening? What is the want? What is the conflict? You can be as literal or as figurative as you'd like. When an idea pops into your head that sparks a story idea, write it down. 


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