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Truth is more peculiar than fiction.

Life is really a startling place.


Remove all distractions. Be sure you won't be interrupted. 

Happy discovery




30 minute timer. Ruminate on each  Life Realm and then list vivid or impactful or interesting: experiences, opinions and people that spark for you personally. 


 For example, under 'Work' you may list:  a wild experience you had at your first job, a career that an ex-had that you had a strong opinion about, your best friend's parents peculiar job and how it affected then and an opinion a job that you see as so immoral, you can't imagine why anyone would pursue it. 


Let your mind wonder and then focus and then back again.

 Imagine yourself hunting for Easter Eggs in your own brain. 


When you're finished, walk away for (at least) 20 minutes then read over your list. What is speaking to you? Circle everything that  jumps out to you as the potentional start of an idea.

  • Work

  • Childhood

  • Adolescence 

  • Friends

  • Relationships

  • Family

  • Institutions

  • Travel

  • Death


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