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FIRST: Feedback Circle

Assign a time-keeper

25 minutes for each script

1) 20 minutes. (Writer puts mic on MUTE and is SILENT: takes notes on feedback/records it)

A) What is working? What do you like? What is especially funny?

B) What isn't working? What is confusing? What doesn't make sense? What feels untrue?

C) What does the script need more of? What does the script need less of?

2) 5 minutes (Writer is permitted to ask questions about their feedback)

A) Get clarification on feedback if needed

B) Ask for suggestions and pitches if wanted

SECOND: Solo Timed Read Aloud

After feedback circle, take 45 minutes alone to read your script aloud to yourself. Read straight through, but make notes, or highlight lines/ areas that feel weird

Listen for: Dialogue that sounds untrue, how jokes are working and pacing

THIRD: Team Strategy Chat

Return to Team for a quick chat and discuss the scripts. Your writing strategy today and tomorrow. Are you writing together? Are you checking in later?

And now...WRITE

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