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It's time for the Scene Breakdown! This is the time when you finally get to decide and describe what happens in every beat, scene by  scene. REMEMBER: Hitting the beats of the protagonists story (as layed out in script structure) is the most important thing.


Now is also the time that you refer back to your character breakdown and consider how your characters handle obstacles. Keep your character sheet in front of you to remind you who all is there is tell your story. 

This is where the fun part of writing comes in. How do you want to tell this story you have outlined? How do you introduce the characters in fun ways? What trials do they face?

You are safe with your story and Handwritten Outline as your guide and if you need to change something, that's okay. 

I recommend typing this out in bullet points, listing the action of every scene.  (If fun details occur to you, keep them in a separate document so you don't get caught up when breaking down your scenes.)

Here is a doc with the different sections in order with recommended number of scenes for you to work off of before submitting and refer to the Script Breakdown form below. 

THIS is the bulk of all the work. Maybe use the Pomodoro Method to get through it in a focused way.  

Good luck! 

Scene-Breakdown Form

Script Structure (6).png
Script Structure (7).png
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