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WEEK 3: Outline to Spit Draft

DEADLINE: Script Skeleton & Character Sheets

DUE Friday 15/5 

12PM 25 Points

4pm: 15 Points

8PM 10 Points

1) Complete Zoom Lesson from 11/5. Work on your Notecards in Prep for filling out the Script Skeleton. 

2) Look at some Spec scripts. Notice the difference between these and Production Scripts.

3) Read through the Character Archetypes. See if you they help differentiate your characters.

4) Download Fillable Character Bio Sheet. Read through it and download and fill out for as many Lead Characters as needed. You can do this before or after the Script Skeleton (they are both due Friday)

*** An important note: It may seem strange to denote the ethnicity, gender identity and sexuality of a character and may feel like you're potentially limiting who can play a role, but it actually has the opposite effect when making a film. The assumption when scripts are read is that all characters are White/cis/abled etc. You would hear, "Can this character be black? or Can this character be a woman?" In a casting office, because the assumption is otherwise.

(These is also true in Animated Films)


By including diverse characters, diverse actors will be brought in for roles. Unfortunately, all characters are assumed to be white, cis and able-bodied unless otherwise stated. Of course, you could be working with a Production Team who values representation and will make an effort to see which characters could be diverse, but you should consider being inclusive with the material itself. Representation is important. Underrepresented peoples seeing themselves represented on-screen is obviously powerful for them and majority-group people seeing underrepresented people on screen is a powerful conduit for empathy and social change on a grander scale. 

Re: the form itself... of course not all of this detail (or most of it) will show up in your script. This is an exercise to help you get clear on who your characters are so you can write for them more authentically. Think of how much fuller characters feel on TV shows a few seasons in, versus how they feel in the beginning. This is a shortcut for you as the writer to understand who these people are. 

4) Download Fillable Script Skeleton and additional pages. Fill out and save as many pages as needed.

5) Submit Script Skeleton and Character Bio Sheets using this form 

* The form will include instructions on how to send PDF.

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