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When we sit down and work, we become like a magnetised rod that attracts iron filings. Ideas come.

― Steven Pressfield, THE WAR OF ART



Where. To. Start. When the options are infinite and your show can be about literally anything, it'd be odd if you didn't feel a massive wave of overwhelm. WHAT the show is about matters far less than the WHO and the HOW, meaning: your life experiences, values, opinions and sensibilities (AKA your truth) is what will give your script life. Be as specific to you as possible. Now that, THAT'S decided...WHERE TO START??? Your idea is going to evolve and change immensely over the next two weeks as you figure out your characters and story, so don't sweat making it perfect, it won't be.  The important thing now is to choose a place to start. Your only concern is to choose a starting place that is intriguing to YOU. WHAT EXCITES YOU? What makes YOU happy?

The exercise below uses your own life for inspiration and will help give you a visual guide of what is intriguing to you and what you may enjoy writing. Remember: the most important thing is to write something that entertains YOU. If you are living for it, so will the script reader. 










Put on a 30 minute timer. For each of the categories below,, jot down any interesting (to you) memories, people, opinions, stories, specifics that occur to you. For example, under "Work" you may write down any weird jobs you had, was there someone you worked with who would make a funny character, did you ever date someone with a very odd job. Let your mind wonder. Now walk away for 20 minutes and come back to the list. What is speaking to you? Be bold, Choose the subject, person, place, or story that will inspire the idea for your show. 


  • Work

  • Home life

  • Friends/

  • Social life

  • Family

  • Institutions

  • Sport

  • Shopping

  • Services

  • Travel

  • Teaching & training 



Time to submit your show idea! This form will require you to describe your idea, setting, characters and what excites you about the idea. Give yourself 30 minutes at least to complete the form. If you are unsure of characters, that's okay. This can all change. For now, let your gut guide you. A copy of your answers will be emailed to you. Good luck! 


Complete by 9pm for 3 pts for your team.  

Complete by 11pm for 2 pts for your team. 

Complete by tomorrow at 10am for 1pt for your team.  



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